Navigate a business-exclusive web

How it works

  1. Indexed

    Just like traditional search engines, we meticulously index millions of web pages.

  2. Augmented

    We enhance these web pages with comprehensive company information.

  3. Searchable

    You gain the ability to search through websites using specific filters such as industry, size, location, and more.

A Search Engine for the Business World

For Sales Teams Find your next lead with a search engine that dares to be DIFFERENT. Filter websites by industry, size, location and more! For Market Researchers AI and Big Data is our passion. A match made in heaven that gives you a direct line to understanding a business’s digital footprint. For B2B Marketers See what's happening in YOUR particular sector by filtering search results to achieve a high signal to noise ratio. For Investors Discover investment opportunities by exploring the websites of companies meeting your specific criteria.
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